28 January 2012

Forever Playing to the Gallery

I don't know if I heard this coming forth from the radio or if it was just circling around my lonely brain cell, but it is what is is.....

I think it speaks to living life to the fullest degree, and if you don't, look in the mirror when it comes time to blame someone.  You can't spend your life being 'part of the furniture' and you definitely aren't living if you're constantly 'playing to the gallery'. You just can't. That's not living. 

Mistakes are meant to be made. They are the ""teachable moments"" (GOD, I HATE that phrase, but it applies here) provided to us by the Universe. 

I kind of miss hearing Supertramp on a regular basis. I can fully and completely admit that I have never heard a Supertramp tune other than those played regularly on the radio. In the interest of educating myself and branching out, I may just have to pick up some of their stuff and give it a try.  You never know what's out there until you look around, right?  

Today, on the brink of two straight days off, I continue to work on making life better here. Cleaning out clutter, rearranging priorities and, of course, knitting. Yarn always makes things clearer. 

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