25 January 2012

Finding My Letters

The Universe, through my alarm, is full of static today. One thing is, however, abundantly clear. There are few, very few, select individuals that can play me like a violin, which brings this to mind:

Like Itzhak with his violin, so are they with me.  Kind of annoying that I just never seem to learn that particular lesson with those certain someones. I really have to learn about ingesting grains of salt. Just sit back, listen, give somewhat glib responses and then wait to see if anything really comes of it. At least I, and my beloved for that matter, catch our self before we go flying out the door on long trek to nothing. 

Perhaps it's just disconcerting to know that at least one individual knows EXACTLY which buttons to push, which strings to pull, in order to sway you.....like this: 

Wow. That gets me every time. If that's not one of the best remakes ever, I don't know what is......

Maybe it relates. Maybe this person kills me with their words because it's like they are living my life over again. So many of the things that happen to them, happened to me, but the difference is that I'm older and I can see where they are going if they don't bother to WAKE UP, smell the smog, and move forward.  

But, as Anthrax puts it, there is always....

Squeezed out, kept me down
What goes around comes around
I can wait you out
Patience is my virtue
Call it payback, call it proper grounds
What goes around always comes around, always comes around

They just never count on me waiting them out.  Their mistake. :)  Happy Day of Humps!  

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