16 January 2012

Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Your Own Way

Long day yesterday, followed by short stint of sleep, followed by this, screaming from the radio:

I was totally floored yesterday to learn that I must be really good at putting on the 'brave face' and giving the appearance of being happy. A coworker told me I am NEVER in a bad mood and that I always seem happy. 

Have we met?  
Who is this person to whom she is referring?  

Maybe it's just that I have been truly blessed to have found a place of employment that doesn't bring about copious amounts of stress, I have actively chosen not to become involved in workplace drama, and I can just go there and forget about, or not have time to THINK about, all the garbage that goes on outside of work. Nobody knows me there, nobody knows anything about my life, and I don't share much about me, so it's all good, calm, peaceful, and stress-free, even when it's slammed!  

I think the Universe would like me to fully comprehend that some people just really need to go their own way. You could talk, scream, cry, beg, plead, and so on, ad infinitum until you are 15, 468 shades of blue in the face and it won't change a blasted thing.  Not a thing. I think I'm finally WAKING UP to the fact that, no matter how hard I try, some people will never hold me in any sort of high esteem.  So. Be. It. 

So for now, one second at a time, one minute at a time, one day at a time, one year at a time, I'm just going away from all their nonsense. Not going away mad, just going away.  

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