03 January 2012

Coming Down

Nothing but the sound of my beloved's alarm this morning to get me up. Way up. Way early. Got at least 2.56789 hours until I need to get ready for work, so it's just me, two rambunctious dogs, several feline entities, and my thoughts. 

Everything has been of the absolute splendor lately. Everything. Nothing has brought me down. Nothing, until last night. One of the things that sucks about living where we live is that we don't have access to all the hi-tech accouterments available to city and even urban dwellers. Hell, even in Portsmouth, Ohio, where my son resides, he can get unlimited internets. Here, no. We're stuck with a limit, and god forbid you go over that, or you pay dearly. Can't watch a profuse amount of videos, can't watch Hulu, can't do much of anything because it sucks up that limit, and you're screwed if you're limit is reached some 5-6 days before the new cycle.....monetarily screwed.  

Oh well, just means I get more knitting accomplished. 

It just gets to you after a while. You work and work and work some more, you try, and you just seem to keep backpedaling and kicking sand in your own eye. But, I will never give up, because I know where we've been, and I know where we CAN be. Something as minor as internet overage is never going to be the end of the world.   

I probably drove it over the edge the other night, during my creation and search for materials for my 'Surviving Ohio' wishlist on Amazon.  After having watched 'The Road', I, for some reason, feel the need to start learning survival skills and stocking up on all those things one would need in the event that most of the planet blows up and we happen to be some of the few who remain. If only we lived closer to most of the country's decadent yarn shops.....

So yeah, I think the Universe, today, is trying to tell me to shut the fuck up, stop whining and get on with the business of making things better. That, and knit. More. 

What's driving you over the edge?  


DS_Aldridge said...

What's driving me over the edge? I got a 3-day notice or eviction today, demanding $1550 I don't have. Count your blessings. You may be offline, but I will be out in the streets in two weeks. There is always someone worse off than you, woman. xoxo

Miragi said...

I'm sorry :( I do count my blessings, and I know there's always someone worse off. I hope you can find somewhere to land in the meantime, until you can get settled in a better place. xo