08 January 2012

Cellophane-Wrapped Marmalade Italiano di Roxanne

No alarm today either....GASP!!

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You might wonder why most of my wake up calls tend to rehash things that have long been in existence. Mainly, because you write and learn from the things you know.....the unknown comes in whenever it decides to show up. After spending a highly productive (for me) day yesterday cleaning out clutter and reviewing the events of the past few years, I guess the Universe would like to remind me that all men do not behave like Mr. Leguizamo, above, and there is a specific, RIGHT, way to treat a woman. 

There is so much more going here, so.....
Fairy tales and sparkly vampires are fairy tales and sparkly vampires for a reason. THEY ARE FICTION. They come to you by way of the printed word and spectacular(ized) cinematic creation. Otherwise, I would look like Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, and Fergie on any given day, whenever I wanted to, right?

Point, you ask? I'm getting to it! Be patient! 

So yesterday, during breaks from clutter cleanage, I watched the rest of 'Nine'. I was alone and did not have to put my beloved through the torturous musical stylings of Daniel Day Lewis. Not some of HIS best work, I might add, but I was tickled all 10,000 shades of pink just to watch all the glitz, glamour and sparkly stuff. Oh and for the record, I do NOT believe in sparkly vampires. Whoever thought that up should be FIRED forever! 

Whilst watching said film, I may have discovered the number that now replaces Baz Luhrman's interpretation of this: 

As if I wasn't in love with Fergie before yesterday, then by watching her performance of this sealed it: 

What do these songs have to do with anything, you ask? Considering the current goings on in the family, I would have to say that Roxanne should be listened to whilst calling her him, Roxanne Rocky, whatever....it applies, in reverse. Then, when you get to 'Be Italian', it applies to a certain someone who has yet to discover how a man really should treat her, and believe you me, it is NOT how that certain unmentionable amoeba has, is, or will treat her. And then a little applies to me, because I think this may be one of the hottest choreographed musical numbers in HISTORY...hence, the reason it has taken place of El Tango De Roxanne in my eyes. 

Apart from how a woman, or man for that matter, really should be treated, I start to panic about a person's state of mind when I know she has been so deeply hurt. I know her like the back of my own damned hand, I know what she's going through because I've been there.....and I see it going something like this: 

It's the unrealistic obsession and the garbage that might follow that worries me. Point being, these "kids" today live in an entirely different world, where reality and fantasy are so often combined, that they don't seem to realize, OR CARE, about the consequences of their actions. It's like I'm bound, gagged and bolted to a chair, being forced to watch it all happen, yet powerless to make it stop or even make it better. I know she's got to learn the shit for herself, but in the meantime, it still hurts to have to sit by and let her make her own choices. 

So, yeah.....I told you I had a point. Just takes me a while to get to it. All I can do is hope, pray, beg and plead to the Universe to keep her safe and on the right track. 

Oh, just for good measure, and to lighten the mood back up again, I shall share with you two of my other very favorite musical numbers.  This one, just because it's a damned sexy remake: 

Everything from the sets, to the costumes to the makeup, just makes me want to make things. I LOVE IT.  Then there is this: 

Mainly because I can utterly and completely commiserate and relate to John C. Reilly's character and this song.  It is splendidly correct.  

So, with all that being said, in a quite long-winded fashion, I take my leave and allow you to ponder. Feel free to offer your advice to the young about heartbreak, obsession, and how one should be treated.  Take care!  

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