14 December 2011

When I Say 'When'

Had a beautiful night last night, putting up the tree. This year, it's just my beloved and I, with a short visit from my son......and the first time in a long time that we got a new tree, or even wanted to put up a tree for Christmas. 

I kind of really love how that shot turned out, with the shadows on the ceiling and total green glow. See, this year we dedicated our tree to Type O Negative, complete with green lights, green and black ornaments and the top hat in memory of the dearly departed Mr. Steele: 

The tree itself really reminds me of him, let alone with the top hat on it, since he was really, really tall....but then again, I am really, really short. I just remember having to look way up when we met him at a signing many, many moons ago!  

So, whilst decorating the tree, instead of listening to Type O, my beloved broke out: 

Which contains this, one of my favorite songs ever, and this version, which I definitely want played at my funeral, so that all 5-6 attendees can listen to it....: 

This is the original: 

This is the acoustic release: 

To me, there is just no more romantic, more excellent piece of lyrical content than this song. 
I'll never say 'When', when it comes to listening to My Fighters of the Foo. Just won't. I know, I've already mentioned them this week, but there's a lot to mention, so deal. Then share this song with your own beloved. 

Happy Several Days Before Christmas, or Whatever You Celebrate at This Time of the Year! 


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