02 December 2011

What About the Power of One?

This could get long. Be forewarned. Get some coffee. 

No alarm today. Just me, up before 5:00 AM, thinking about the day ahead. Thinking about a conversation that we had last night about Michael Jackson's Earth Song, as performed by Melanie Amaro on 'X Factor', seen here:

Here's the original, do watch it:  

Listen to it. 

I don't think there's any other song that I have ever heard that sums up what we, as humans, have done to ravage our own existence. I don't care what anyone thinks about Mr. Jackson. I don't care about rumors, about the media, about random people that show up with stories of his debauchery, long after he's left the planet. Fuck that. He's gone...where were those people when he was here? Maybe he was twisted, maybe he did do bad things. I don't know and pretty much all of us that were never anywhere near him do not know. In the meantime, however, this person shared a gift of putting together words, melodies and movement, the likes of which most anyone will never duplicate. No, I don't think he was the 'be all-end all', I just know that what he did was entertainment, what he did was important and what he did will never be done again. 

On a smaller scale, look at this song alone. My beloved thinks that it would be the perfect remake for bands such as Dream Theater or even Queensryche (of the past, not in their current form). Me, I really don't know. I know that it's a powerhouse of a song.....it builds and builds and builds......that's the brilliance of it...the building....not to mention the message. 

It's stupendously easy to turn a cold shoulder and a blind eye to everything. It is. I do it. You do it. We all do it. Which is probably why our world has gotten into the catastrophic state that it is. Politicians wag their dogs, the kids on Madison Avenue make sure to keep us distracted and spending, and all the while everything is circling around the bottom of the bowl. 

I get overwhelmed, on a grand scale when I let in all the bad that goes on. I get so down that I cannot move. I have to go on news fasts and totally ignore media, so as to not absorb any more than my brain can handle. We're a sick lot, us humans.....that destroy and discard everything in our paths for our own gain. The individual and collective greed and ignorance that we witness on an hourly basis is just too much to bear sometimes. 

Lately, I've been thinking about all the things I want to do to make change. I don't yet know how to approach it, I don't know where to start. I just know that the time is now to start. Because really, it does start with one. One word. One step. One song. One picture. One voice. Just one. 

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