28 December 2011

Washing Hands and Sealing Fates

I'll be damned, there's an alarm that I actually woke up to!  That radio was playing this:

The only thing I can think is 'How ironic...'.  And, if  Michael Plumadore is the Devil in question, sympathy is not one of the feelings that ushers forth from me right now. Never will. Unlike the senseless railroading of the West Memphis Three, it's kind of hard to eliminate guilt when he was storing parts of his victim in his freezer. 

So, no, I do NOT have any sympathy for this devil. I have sympathy for the news reporter that had to shake his hand the day before yesterday, before he finally admitted to what he had done and described in graphic detail exactly where he had placed all the remains. I can't imagine having touched evil like that. I have sympathy and heartache for the victim's two sisters, for her family. For anyone who thought that this parasitic monster was never capable of such acts.....I have sympathy. But for him?  No. 

I guess the message today is to WAKE UP......Use your intuition. Listen to your gut. It's an amazing gift that we have to be able to sense ill. Animals do it. Birds. Sea creatures. Humans. We all have this ingrained ability to sense things. Use it. If something doesn't feel right, maybe it's NOT right. Just because we, as humans, also have this powerful ability to lull ourselves into a false sense of security, doesn't mean that it's an ability we should nurture and expand upon. 

Beyond this heinous bullshit, the intuition thing applies in all facets of life. Maybe for today, you might want to find a book and read more about it. There are many.

Just. Wake. Up. 

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