21 December 2011

Waiting on Real Love

Since I've had some down time, in terms of connectivity, I've had time to think about music. Of course, being unable to sleep til the alarm goes off, means, I have to listen when I wake up and see what starts playing in my brain cell.  Yesterday, for some reason, I was reminiscing about the three to four Rolling Stones songs that I like. This was one of my all-time favorites back in the kid days...mainly because I had so few friends.

Back when Mick Jagger was at LEAST bearable to beholden with the eyeballs. 

Then, today, as I was perusing my Facebook feed, I noticed a post from one of my favorite Pit Bull sites, sharing  this: 

I don't know what I feel, except for disgust, when I think of Mr. Vick and anyone else to participates in such a vicious past-time. I just don't. For a while, I felt like perhaps it was time to lay off the hatred and give Mr. Vick a chance to make up for his past choices. Now, I just don't know. Inexcusable acts in the name of making a buck just doesn't seem to scream FORGIVENESS.  

The sad part is this.  This is not isolated. This happens all the fucking time, and for some reason, we, as a people, as a society, as a world, cannot make it stop. 

I guess, the moral of this particular day is that even if you can't put an end to all the world's assorted atrocities, you can make a difference. One person, one animal, one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time. 

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