17 December 2011

Spare Me Confessions

First: I am a Foo Fighters freak. Next, not sure why, but with no alarm, I woke up to this loop: 

Maybe it speaks to my demeanor. I'm fairly mellow, one of those people you just don't see, but boy can I get wound up. Especially when it comes to bullshit. Maybe it's the fact that the nurse said my blood pressure was a touch on the high side yesterday, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why? It's never been high, save for when I was pregnant and totally addicted to salt. THEN, it kind of skyrocketed, but that was some 20+ years ago.......Just another symptom of getting older, that and a reminder to watch what the hell I eat!!  

So, before I get some groceries after work today, I'll be thinking about what to NOT get and what TO get so as to make sure I keep my blood from bursting through the veiny things, eh?  

Or, it could just be that I like this song. It's got a good beat and you can bounce to it. Boing. 

Foo Fighters

I have a choice between the bat or the belt
each time I hear about the hand you've been delt
spare me confession
it's confession you sell
maybe I'll fall behind
but I don't mind
because I'll catch up

I want a song that's indelible
like manimal
I hope you never see me wind up

will I be happy on the back of the shelf
will you be happy when we're sharing a cell
spare me your questions since you know me so well
someday you'll realize
that I get shy and I choke up

what is wrong with this animal
I'm terrible
I hope you never see me wind up

farewell my sweet paramania
my only promise is that I'll never tell
keep you at a distance from the things that I felt
I'll bite the bullet
take the beating
until I take it ALL back anyway
what was I supposed to say?

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