08 December 2011


No alarm. No matter what I try, I cannot seem to just SLEEP. So, no alarm today, just me wide awake and watching recaps of last night's X Factor to see what I missed by going to bed at 8 PM.  There was this:

He had me at 'At' and for the most part has kept me hooked throughout the show's run. Now he's in the final 5 and hopefully continues on past tonight or whenever the next eliminate takes place. There are basically three reasons why this guy moves me:
  1. That voice
  2. That soul
  3. The fact that he, too, is from this vapid state of Ohio and has a HUGE chance to make his escape!
I don't know much about Josh Krajcik, except for what I've seen on X Factor, like how he's got a daughter that he adores, a girlfriend (I think), and a mother that adores him, and I think I read something about his dad being there to support him as well. I'm not much for tracking down every last, minute detail about a person's life just because they're famous.  

Although, I did learn recently that Daniel Day Lewis took like a five-year hiatus and moved to Italy to learn to make shoes. Spiffy, eh?  

Kindly borrowed from http://shoeblogs.com/day-lewis/

All I know is that I am looking forward to the day when Mr. K gets an entire album/release/whatever you kids call it these days, full of nothing but songs that do him justice. NO more of the TV fluff, the pop bullshit, the bells and glittery, cage-ridden whistles, just him and that voice. It most definitely is something. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I like him. Love, even. I have faith that even if he doesn't 'win' top honors on this show, he'll move on to even bigger success. 

So, I suppose the universe would like me to know today that: 
  1. There is hope, even if you live in Ohio
  2. You can find inspiration in the strangest places, including corny vocal competition programming
  3. While I might work in a deli, I still have the capability to read, listen, learn and become whatever I want to become whenever I decide to do so.  Josh made burritos in Columbus. 
That is all. 

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Deb said...

I don't watch X Factor, but I love Daniel Day Lewis. I have a perpetual picture of him in my mind in buckskins in The Last of the Mohicans. He is so -- REAL, I guess is the word I want to use. I like stars who are real. Not like Brangelina or Tom & Katie, who live to be seen and to have everyone KNOW what they are doing and how wonderful they are. DDL is just the opposite, and I just adore him.