09 December 2011

Sleepless in Ohio: The Benecio del Toro Edition

Unbelievable that yet again I cannot sleep. Dogs woke me up...I THOUGHT it was 3:45 am....which it finally is now as I write this, yet did not realize that my beloved had hit the Daylight Savings Time button on the alarm clock, so it was actually an hour earlier. Imagine my dismay when I first noticed the kitchen clock's announcement of this frustrating information!!

Anywhoooooooooo, of course this means no universal message for me today. I am left to my own devices. I woke up with Melanie Amaro's horrifically butchered club remix of Adele's 'Someone Like You':


In order to purge my braincell of any trace of THAT particular nightmare, I thought back to yesterday, when my beloved posted this on my Facebook wall: 

Beautiful words, excellent song, took me right back to the younger years. I had not heard this song in eons. It was good. Then, of course, in the course of searching other Gerry Rafferty stuff on Youtube, I saw this: 

Talk about blasts and pasts......The Partridge Family was one of my all time favorite shows when I was a wee mite. In the words of my friend Eliza, however, 'my... how people change.'  Take Susan Dey, for instance: 

Gently borrowed from 

Thinking about old times, then I decided to check out Donnie Most, mainly because they totally nailed him on Family Guy the other night: 

So I was curious to see what's happened to him over the years: 

Still gently borrowed, from 

Which, without shock, led me to reminisce about Chachi: 

He's holding up fairly well, yet I have no clue what year this picture came from, nor do I care to do any further research on his face. Because, being that I have the attention span of a flea, I moved on to Benicio. How could you not? And I do believe I may have the one and only picture of him that is NOT on the internet. I think I got it out of a magazine, or I printed it offline nearly a decade ago, and now I cannot find it. It was awesome....like a Vogue or Vanity Fair shoot. Shoot, let me go look that up. Fail, no luck. Someday I'll scan it. In the meantime, I guess I just have this thing for men with that 'Fuck You' look:

Damn, I forgot to copy the link credit. Sorry!!!!

And yet, isn't it kind of comical how much these two kind of resemble each other? 

So, I guess you could surmise that the Universe has nothing to say to me this morning. This is what happens when I'm left alone with Google. Happy Friday!  

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