03 December 2011

Silence Like a Cancer Grows

No alarm, no rest, not even very much sleep last night (this morning, whatever....). The one time I really, really wanted to sleep until the sun came up? No. One fat, food-obsessed cat shut in the room with two dogs and two sleeping humans does not make for prime sleeping conditions. As I sit here, stewing over my lack of much-needed sleep, what comes to mind is this:

Which then brings to mind this: 

because of this movie: 
Kindly borrowed from Film Actually, thank you!

Then, I decided to check out the radio station's playlist just to sees what I could sees......for some reason, they haven't updated their playlist since 11/29/11, yet, I find it ironic that the first song I DID see from the 29th was this: 

Ha. You'll have to click on it to hear it.....no video, just the song. 

But, as the 'theys' say, I digress.  Back to Simon & Garfunkel and The Graduate. Maybe this is Dustin Hoffman week, since yesterday brought up thoughts of Wag the Dog. Or maybe it's just time to reminisce some more about the early, happier years of childhood and all the time spent with my beloved aunt. I adore her. Years and growing up have changed us both, but I often wish I could go back to the days when I would go spend the night with her and do all the things I wasn't allowed to do at home. Like watch The Graduate. I was far too young to understand it....but I remember Mrs. Robinson. I remember the song. I adore the song. But then, back then I also wore funky, 70s-type clothing, complete with tight, polyester turtlenecks and striped pants. I was STYLIN'!! Someday when my scanner and dinosauric computer work again, I'll prove it. I just miss it. I miss her. 

What do you miss from your early years?  

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