12 December 2011

One Cat A-Scratching...

For whatever reason, the Universe decided to try its hand at humor this morning. This came blaring into my eardrum:

I guess to remind me not to ever attempt to pick up this: 

When this is right behind me:

I know have four, perfectly aligned and very painful, yet healing, scratches on my wrist. My bad. I should have known. One must always allow Jezebel to make her own decisions about relocation throughout the house. Silly me. 

Other than that, I really have no tolerance for Mr. Nugent. In my humblest of opining, he's about as useful as Kid Rock. Bawitdaba: profound lyrical content at its best, eh?  I'm not a big nature freak, nor do I support sport hunting, so really there's not much common ground, thusly I just don't relate to him. To each their very own, though, right?  

It's Monday, people! Time to start the week and learn how to avoid getting maimed by your cat!  Have a great week!  

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