23 December 2011

Let Your Spirit Carry You

Stupid me could not discern which song was playing on the alarm radio clock this morning. I do believe my brain cell did not decide to return to my skull until a good 30 minutes after getting up. So I've been sitting here thinking and talking with someone about an old friend of my husband's (and mine) that's fallen on some hard luck as of late.

Let's call him Leroy, mainly because that's his name. It's been years since we've actually SEEN him, but he's always been in our thoughts because he's the kind of guy that just knows how to make people smile and forget about their own personal bullshit. Thinking back, I remember all the times when we'd be partying and he'd just have to pop in Steve Miller Band tapes. Yes tapes....those things that came before CDs and mp3s and after 8-tracks....tapes.

So, today, whilst we figure out what we can do to bring a smile to HIM, I just feel the urge to hear this:

That is all. x 

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