31 December 2011

Just Like a Diamond Cursed

It's that time. Time for reflection.....making those resolutions, checking them twice, and then forgetting about them about a week from now. Ha. No alarm today, kind of fitting, ending the year without a bang, I suppose. 

Seems fitting that this song popped in my head: 

The Black Crowes

I lose myself
I forget myself
Sometimes I fault myself
I might fight myself
But then I make amends
I freeze myself
Rain on myself
OK, so I stone myself
And I might even find myself
But then again what happens if I do
So unzip my pride
Open me up wide
So I can show this to you
I want to shine for you
I want to sparkle too
Just like a diamond cursed
Well you know it don't get worse
You know that I'll save you time
Your trouble now is mine
Hold me baby
Hold me girl
And I will laugh with you
If you want me to
Roll me in your splendor
I'll envy your surrender
And show you victory
I hate myself
Doesn't everybody hate themselves
I scare myself
Then I tell myself it's all in my mind
So I let the poison go
'Cause I always know
It will be there for me 

So, what does it all mean, you ask? It's a song that sums me up in 6 minutes or less. I prefer the Brothers of a Feather version above to the original Black Crowes version, mainly because there's a ton more soul in this rendition. A ton and then some. 

Enough about that. For now, let's briefly review 2011:
  • Long, cold winter
  • Coming back from the brink of financial ruin
  • Floods
  • Saving groundhogs
  • Planting gardens
  • Losing body parts 
  • Losing one at-home job
  • Starting this blog
  • Finding old friends
  • Making NEW friends
  • Beloved car died
  • New car found
  • Finding a real-world job
  • One of the best Christmas holidays ever
  • Working on making 2012 the best YEAR ever....
If I were adventurous and educated in the art of web designs, I'd make a huge image map with linkies, but I am not. Use your imagination.  I do, however, have pictorial proof of said groundhog rescue. See: 

Did you know that groundhogs are also called Whistle Pigs....and that I found out WHY?  They whistle/shreak when scared....as one did when trying to make it's way out of the room in which we kept them back to the great outdoors. .

Anywhoooooooooooo. The upcoming year. Yeah. No concrete plans, per se, but going to get things together today and tomorrow and make the new year a much better place to be. Starting with how we use the money we work so hard to get. I think I need to pick up a copy of this: 

I read the original many years ago, and it had a tremendous impact on how I view money and how I view financial priorities....obviously not the point that it made me successful, but still, it's helped to keep me in check even in my meager station in life, so I think a review is in order and reminding myself and my beloved that we can reach our goals. One. Baby. Step. At. A. Time. 

Also on the agenda is the obvious: Losing some weight. The both of us. We've come to terms with the fact that we don't like how we collectively look at the moment, so we're determined to do something about it.  Now that I've settled into the new job and can figure out a routine of sorts, it'll be much easier to insert workouts and better eating plans. 

This is definitely going to be the year of change. It is. Just. Watch. 

Feel free to share your plans for the new year. Or share what you had for dinner last night. In 2012, my wish for this here corner of the internet is to actually hear your thoughts (excluding Deborah who does share her thoughts regularly, but Deborah KEEP sharing too :D)!  

Happy New Year!!!   

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