27 December 2011

I'm Here to Remind You...

Lazy day off, no alarm. Just the sounds of this looping in my brain cell:

Mainly because my beloved got me Jagged Little Pill-Acoustic for Christmas, so I listened to it last night on the way home from work. That song is absolutely the perfect female Fuck You song. Just is. Sums it all up. 

As for me, I've had a lot of hurt in this life, but at this age, I am sincerely all for letting it be in the past where it belongs. Sometimes, it's incredibly difficult to feel safe, because when I have felt safe in the past, it usually ended in some sort of pain-riddled surprise from which I couldn't escape.  I don't want life to be that way anymore. And it really is true, that old adage: "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger...." 

I guess I'm reminiscing about past turmoil because there is about to be a tremendous amount of change and renovation here in the upcoming year. Letting go...letting go of the babies, who have long since flown the coop, but it took me THIS long to become accustomed to it. There are lots of reminders of the past in our house, but we're working slowing to make things new and better. Exponentially better.  

So, I guess waking up to the fact that you can pretty much overcome anything is what the universe would like to slap me upside the head with today.  Moving forward. Waking up. 

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