29 December 2011

I'll See You Through

No alarm, just woke up thinking about my babies, reading news, and pondering the stuffs. One of the funniest things I ever witnessed was my son, totally on the fly, making up his own version of lyrics for this song:

One of those things I wish we could have recorded, because it was just so random, so in the moment, and just actually brilliant, the more I think about it, and yet it's all but a fleeting memory because that's how random things are. Fleeting. 

Almost like his ability to say the word 'Lesbian' much like Alan Shore in Boston Legal: 

Seems to be a theme with us, ever since we watched this show.....so anytime I have had the vidya camera on him, I make his say it. Tickles my soul. 

This week has been about letting go of my incessant need to remember that I once had children that lived HERE with me, children that needed me. Now, they're grown, gone and out doing whatever it is that they want, need and have to do, for themselfs. Damn it. 

For as long as I breathe however, I want to retain these memories. They are what got me through many of my darker days. 

I suppose the Universe is screaming for all of us to let our inner Alan Shore out to play for a bit. Sometimes, you just need to take off your Serious Hat and put on some funnies. 

What makes you giggle the most?  

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