22 December 2011

I Can't Take Myself Anywhere

Of course, up early. Of course, no alarm. Just reviewing all the things I've gotta get done in the next two days, and things that are coming up, like this:

Gently borrowed, and originally tiny, from 

I can honestly admit that I'm more of a John Bush kind of girl. I just like his sound better than that of Mr. Belladonna, but hey, it's Anthrax, and you still get all the good shit. It'll be worth it, even more so, to see the joy in my beloved's face. 

Thinking about Anthrax, leads me to this song: 

One of my favorites, right up there with this: 

and this: 

Something about these New York kinda guys....there's a truth and a grittiness and a soul that you get on the East Coast that they can't churn out in the sunny, glittery, music factories of LA. (My Fighters of the Foo being the exception to that self-proclaimed rule!!)  But enough about that. I'm sure that ASSumption is pretty much just soundly lodged only in mine own brain cell, because there are plenty of bands out there that take it all to a new level, no matter WHERE they may hail from. 

I just need some happy. I need some bounce. I need some 'Get Away from the Ugliness' for a night. This show will be it. Granted, I will be completely lost during Testament and Death Angel, but who the hell cares, really? When you live in these parts, you take exactly EVERYTHING you can get when it comes along and you don't bitch! Choices are very, very, VERY limited!  

Yesterday, I think my heart nearly split in two, because I made the mistake of watching yet another tear jerker.  Damn it.  

This, which I did not see until after yesterday's mentioning of making a difference. That wacky universe, always putting emphasis on what's true!  I bawled like a fucking baby. I did. I'm not scared to admit it. And I'll do it again. I would do it again if I watched this clip again right now. No, we can't save them all. If I could, I would live on the world's largest dog ranch, complete with a 100 mile fence line, and nothing but me, my loved ones and dogs that need the love and protection that so many soulless beasts can't seem to provide. But, Cesar Milan I am not, nor will I probably ever be, so that's the world's biggest pipe dream. 

For now, and maybe for all of 2012 and beyond, I will just do what I can to make sure that these stories keep going. You can't ignore it if you see it often enough, right?  

Maybe none of this ties in to this morning's wake up call, but if you read the lyrics, you'll see that actually, it just might. We all need a safe home. 

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