10 December 2011

Highly Explosive Saturday

"You don't know what you got, til it's gone." True, that expression. It's only been a short time since I've been back to work in the real world, but my mindset is completely revised. I'm not embarrassed by what I do, I actually LIKE what I do. Hell, if I had the capital and the credit score, I'd probably have my own restaurant, because I like cooking and creating. In the meantime, however, I think I get so paranoid about being late for work that I cannot fully sleep. Went back to bed after the beloved left for work at 3:30 AM, set the alarm for 5:30 AM, and yet woke up about every 20 minutes and finally got back up at 5:12 AM. Go figure. Enough about that, though. 

Let's talk about Tairrie B and My Ruin

Very delicately borrowed from here

The first time we saw her, we had no clue who she was nor the band, at that time, Manhole, for that matter. They opened for Type O and Life of Agony way back in 1996, I believe, at Piere's in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Regardless, I was instantly in love, and she remains to this day, my main woman crush. She's got it all, she's the bee's knees, best thing since sliced bread and all those other useless expressions of glee. She's got history down to a science and she's not doomed to repeat it because no matter what comes her way, she bulldozes through it, coming out the other side on top, screaming her arrival. 

She is wicked cool. 

So is My Ruin, the current incarnation of her and her band. You can take your Kittie (Kitty?) and your Otep and whatever other screaming frontgirl band that comes along, but don't forget that the likes of Ms. B gave fuel to the fire that created all the knockoffs. 

On December 7th of this year, My Ruin generously released their newest project, "A Southern Revelation" for FREE.  Here. Expecting and asking nothing in return, just free for the people who have loved them and for anyone who finds them now....Free. It's a tribute to the darker days of their past and as they call it "their slaying of the beast." 

Today, it fuels my drive to work. I finally got a moment to download it then burn it for travel purposes. I cannot wait to scream along down the highway. I suggest you do the same! 

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