18 December 2011

Be Quiet! You Might Piss Somebody Off....

No alarm, just me all alone and awake at 3:08 AM. A little Muzak going through my head in the form of this:

But, something is on my mind, something that always saddens me to the core. Animals. I adore them. Life would be utterly and completely vapid without them. So, when I think about what happens to them at the hands at some of our most morally and thoughtfully defunct, idiotic humans, I cannot help but get even more pissed. This was on my Facebook feed last night: 

Really, the only thing that comes to mind, musically, is this: 

Lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, pride and envy
these are your last rites
Nothing is sacred...

from "Last Rites" Tura Satana

or this even, because the screaming and rage in this song sums up how I feel: 

If only I could scream like this.  If. Only. 

If you don't know the atrocities that take place to bring you designer dogs, then now is the time to educate yourself. Seriously. Face the truth. It will set your brain free from the throes of Pet Store Marketing. Start with this: 

Meanwhile, I need to go find my Avenged Sevenfold disc so I can listen, loudly, and scream, on the way to work this morning.  

If this is important to you, please share it......and don't let it fade away. 


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