31 December 2011

Just Like a Diamond Cursed

It's that time. Time for reflection.....making those resolutions, checking them twice, and then forgetting about them about a week from now. Ha. No alarm today, kind of fitting, ending the year without a bang, I suppose. 

Seems fitting that this song popped in my head: 

The Black Crowes

I lose myself
I forget myself
Sometimes I fault myself
I might fight myself
But then I make amends
I freeze myself
Rain on myself
OK, so I stone myself
And I might even find myself
But then again what happens if I do
So unzip my pride
Open me up wide
So I can show this to you
I want to shine for you
I want to sparkle too
Just like a diamond cursed
Well you know it don't get worse
You know that I'll save you time
Your trouble now is mine
Hold me baby
Hold me girl
And I will laugh with you
If you want me to
Roll me in your splendor
I'll envy your surrender
And show you victory
I hate myself
Doesn't everybody hate themselves
I scare myself
Then I tell myself it's all in my mind
So I let the poison go
'Cause I always know
It will be there for me 

30 December 2011

Look at the Shape We're In...

No alarm this morning, and the universe didn't have much to say to me until now.....

One of the best songs ever. Period. 

Whilst today has not been an emo kind of day, life tends to jump up and down and smack you upside the head when you let something slip. Today, property taxes. Big surprise. We've had a difficult year, trying to play financial catch-up from the year prior.....yes, it's taken all of THIS year and some help from family to get to a point where we could even begin to breathe. But the place where we live, the county, the township, the state, even, just sucks ass for the majority of the time. I see a move in the not-so-distant future, I really do. Maybe a move OUT of the country, even. This shit just gets old. 

29 December 2011

I'll See You Through

No alarm, just woke up thinking about my babies, reading news, and pondering the stuffs. One of the funniest things I ever witnessed was my son, totally on the fly, making up his own version of lyrics for this song:

One of those things I wish we could have recorded, because it was just so random, so in the moment, and just actually brilliant, the more I think about it, and yet it's all but a fleeting memory because that's how random things are. Fleeting. 

Almost like his ability to say the word 'Lesbian' much like Alan Shore in Boston Legal: 

Seems to be a theme with us, ever since we watched this show.....so anytime I have had the vidya camera on him, I make his say it. Tickles my soul. 

This week has been about letting go of my incessant need to remember that I once had children that lived HERE with me, children that needed me. Now, they're grown, gone and out doing whatever it is that they want, need and have to do, for themselfs. Damn it. 

For as long as I breathe however, I want to retain these memories. They are what got me through many of my darker days. 

I suppose the Universe is screaming for all of us to let our inner Alan Shore out to play for a bit. Sometimes, you just need to take off your Serious Hat and put on some funnies. 

What makes you giggle the most?  

28 December 2011

Washing Hands and Sealing Fates

I'll be damned, there's an alarm that I actually woke up to!  That radio was playing this:

The only thing I can think is 'How ironic...'.  And, if  Michael Plumadore is the Devil in question, sympathy is not one of the feelings that ushers forth from me right now. Never will. Unlike the senseless railroading of the West Memphis Three, it's kind of hard to eliminate guilt when he was storing parts of his victim in his freezer. 

So, no, I do NOT have any sympathy for this devil. I have sympathy for the news reporter that had to shake his hand the day before yesterday, before he finally admitted to what he had done and described in graphic detail exactly where he had placed all the remains. I can't imagine having touched evil like that. I have sympathy and heartache for the victim's two sisters, for her family. For anyone who thought that this parasitic monster was never capable of such acts.....I have sympathy. But for him?  No. 

I guess the message today is to WAKE UP......Use your intuition. Listen to your gut. It's an amazing gift that we have to be able to sense ill. Animals do it. Birds. Sea creatures. Humans. We all have this ingrained ability to sense things. Use it. If something doesn't feel right, maybe it's NOT right. Just because we, as humans, also have this powerful ability to lull ourselves into a false sense of security, doesn't mean that it's an ability we should nurture and expand upon. 

Beyond this heinous bullshit, the intuition thing applies in all facets of life. Maybe for today, you might want to find a book and read more about it. There are many.

Just. Wake. Up. 

27 December 2011

I'm Here to Remind You...

Lazy day off, no alarm. Just the sounds of this looping in my brain cell:

Mainly because my beloved got me Jagged Little Pill-Acoustic for Christmas, so I listened to it last night on the way home from work. That song is absolutely the perfect female Fuck You song. Just is. Sums it all up. 

As for me, I've had a lot of hurt in this life, but at this age, I am sincerely all for letting it be in the past where it belongs. Sometimes, it's incredibly difficult to feel safe, because when I have felt safe in the past, it usually ended in some sort of pain-riddled surprise from which I couldn't escape.  I don't want life to be that way anymore. And it really is true, that old adage: "What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger...." 

I guess I'm reminiscing about past turmoil because there is about to be a tremendous amount of change and renovation here in the upcoming year. Letting go...letting go of the babies, who have long since flown the coop, but it took me THIS long to become accustomed to it. There are lots of reminders of the past in our house, but we're working slowing to make things new and better. Exponentially better.  

So, I guess waking up to the fact that you can pretty much overcome anything is what the universe would like to slap me upside the head with today.  Moving forward. Waking up. 

26 December 2011

Vultures, Thieves and Reveries

No alarm today, just basking in the afterglow of a really exceptional Christmas. Realizing that the Universe works in strange ways sometimes, well, all of the time, really. This is on my mind:

One of the saddest songs ever. Period. Today, it's fitting. There's a lot that goes on in our family. A lot of which is beyond my control to change or fix, so when other parties begin to see the light, it's kind of overwhelming in both sad and wonderful ways. I never want anything BUT the best for my babies, either of them. It's been a long, hard road, in and out of hell and back around again.......and being at that stage when I can only observe or listen and occasionally spew forth advice, it just sucks. 

I have many things to acknowledge in the new year. I have control to give up. I have false hopes to release. I have to move on. Watching a video yesterday of Christmas past, seeing my babies in their smaller forms nearly broke my heart, it did. Realizing just how far removed we are from those days and wishing for the second chances to go back. Wondering where things went so completely wrong and wondering how it could've been done differently to change the outcome. 

But, we can only do what we can do, and as Maya Angelou stated, when we knew better, we did better. All I want is for both of my children to have the lives they work for, to have the best that the world has to offer, and to know that they are both loved beyond reason. I can't do it for them. I can't go back and make up for the stupidity of my own youth. All I can do now is help them when they ask. 

I want them to find and hold on to their angels. 

25 December 2011

Bells Will Be Ringing

...in my head.  It's that day. Sans the white and blustery, blowing snow, but it's Christmas! We got a brand, spankin' new coffee maker, which we were in dire need of, and it has now officially brewed it's first pot of pretty tasty Wake Up juice!  This thing even comes with programmability....which is new to techno-phobes such as us!  Of course, I set lofty goals, since I'd been up since 3:30 AM yesterday morning, figuring that if I went to bed at 11:45 PM, I'd maybe manage to sleep til at least 6:00 AM.  Wrong. So, I didn't get to test out the pre-brewing feature. Yet.

Soooooooooooo this is Christmas.....

I don't fall for all the fluffy songs.....so today, I'm just going to share some of my favorites, the tunes that really put me in the mood for this day.  

It's just not Christmas for me without The Boss. Just. Not. 

Then there's this song, that, for some reason, never leaves my eyes completely dry. Don't know why, because most any version, except for any uptempo renditions, does it. Must be the melody. This one, I think is my favorite, however. Say what you will about Ms. Aguilera, the girl's got chops. I just wish she'd pick better songs some times!   

Then there is this. Another tear-jerker, but for different reasonings. See, when I was a young one, forced to go to church on a regular basis, there was this guy named Steve that taught Sunday School classes and always seemed to just be around. Every Christmas, during Christmas Eve services, he would play this on his trumpet. I was too young to totally comprehend, but even at that age, the melody alone was exquisite. And then, he died. Though it's kind of foggy, I think that this might have been one of my first experiences with death. Every year after that, having to go to church on that night, it was just a little bit more difficult. They somehow had a recording of his trumpetary version, which they played in his honor then for several years afterward. So yeah, hearing the Josh Groban version just compounds it. 

I think that pretty much sums up the Christmas songs that make me happy, sad, reminiscent and full of seasonal shit. :)  

I hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday, no matter where you are or what you celebrate. A day that means so many different things to many different people, and one that should NOT be filled with stress and anxiety. 

Merry Christmas!  xoxo 

24 December 2011

Everybody's Gone Mad

Gotta change the channel on my alarm clock....this waking up to songs I don't know is kicking my ass!  In related news, it's Christmas eve, I have to work in 2.25 hours, and I still have to finish up two knitting presents and make a sad attempt at a third, maybe...but it's not looking good. Otherwise, it's all good!

In the spirit of madness, and, I suppose, a bit of cynicism about working retail on this very day, I have this looping in my head:

Dude had some rage. And, in my humble opinion, when he chose to express it, he was at his best. Say what you will about Mr. Jackson, but we're all flawed, at some level, and what matters more is whether the message gets through, by way of the words, the music or the images. Basically, we're fairly doomed to keep repeating the same hideous mistakes until we all, singularly and collectively, wake up. 

23 December 2011

Let Your Spirit Carry You

Stupid me could not discern which song was playing on the alarm radio clock this morning. I do believe my brain cell did not decide to return to my skull until a good 30 minutes after getting up. So I've been sitting here thinking and talking with someone about an old friend of my husband's (and mine) that's fallen on some hard luck as of late.

Let's call him Leroy, mainly because that's his name. It's been years since we've actually SEEN him, but he's always been in our thoughts because he's the kind of guy that just knows how to make people smile and forget about their own personal bullshit. Thinking back, I remember all the times when we'd be partying and he'd just have to pop in Steve Miller Band tapes. Yes tapes....those things that came before CDs and mp3s and after 8-tracks....tapes.

So, today, whilst we figure out what we can do to bring a smile to HIM, I just feel the urge to hear this:

That is all. x 

22 December 2011

I Can't Take Myself Anywhere

Of course, up early. Of course, no alarm. Just reviewing all the things I've gotta get done in the next two days, and things that are coming up, like this:

Gently borrowed, and originally tiny, from 

I can honestly admit that I'm more of a John Bush kind of girl. I just like his sound better than that of Mr. Belladonna, but hey, it's Anthrax, and you still get all the good shit. It'll be worth it, even more so, to see the joy in my beloved's face. 

Thinking about Anthrax, leads me to this song: 

One of my favorites, right up there with this: 

and this: 

21 December 2011

Waiting on Real Love

Since I've had some down time, in terms of connectivity, I've had time to think about music. Of course, being unable to sleep til the alarm goes off, means, I have to listen when I wake up and see what starts playing in my brain cell.  Yesterday, for some reason, I was reminiscing about the three to four Rolling Stones songs that I like. This was one of my all-time favorites back in the kid days...mainly because I had so few friends.

Back when Mick Jagger was at LEAST bearable to beholden with the eyeballs. 

Then, today, as I was perusing my Facebook feed, I noticed a post from one of my favorite Pit Bull sites, sharing  this: 

I don't know what I feel, except for disgust, when I think of Mr. Vick and anyone else to participates in such a vicious past-time. I just don't. For a while, I felt like perhaps it was time to lay off the hatred and give Mr. Vick a chance to make up for his past choices. Now, I just don't know. Inexcusable acts in the name of making a buck just doesn't seem to scream FORGIVENESS.  

The sad part is this.  This is not isolated. This happens all the fucking time, and for some reason, we, as a people, as a society, as a world, cannot make it stop. 

I guess, the moral of this particular day is that even if you can't put an end to all the world's assorted atrocities, you can make a difference. One person, one animal, one day, one hour, one minute, one second at a time. 

20 December 2011

Troubles Melt Like Lemon Drops

I can't even remember the first time that I heard this version of this song, but after that, no other version, past, present or future, will ever compare. Simple as that.  

Yeah, your wake up call for today comes a bit late, unless you live in a land far, far away from here where your morning is just now starting. Our internet took a puke last evening so we had to await the very speedy (seriously, VERY SPEEDY) arrival of a new broadband card and all its accouterments. 

Instead of being seriously peeved about the lack of connectivity, I pretty much just chilled with the menfolk and got a tremendous amount of knitting done. Knitting that I hope to have finished before Christmas Eve!  

My new, yet dear, friend Eliza needs something to alleviate her stress, frustration and anxiety. She also needs to be informed that in the short time I've known her, she's done nothing but bring me smiles and laughter. So, for Eliza, I say, just listen to this song, close your eyes and let tomorrow be a new day!  

For the rest of you.......troubles do melt like lemon drops when you put shit in order of importance. The trivial stuff just takes your focus away from all that really does matter.  That is something for which to WAKE UP! 

19 December 2011

Can You Show Me Where It Hurts?

No alarm, just a raging case of insomnia, interrupted by several 2-hour stints of that thing called sleep. Lots of things deter me from sleeping, from depression to medications to cure said depressions. One of the reasons I enjoy NOT taking medication. I have a brain that is just ON all the time, so sleep is an elusive gift for me. I'm jealous of people that can sleep for 10-12 hours stretches. What the hell?

Regardless, events of the past few days brought this to mind:

I'm not depressed right now. That's a thing that comes and goes, typically brought on by life events over which I have no control. Right now, things are good. I think. For the most part. Yet, sometimes, life has a tendency to slap you upside the head right good. 

I'm a very mellow sort of girl. For the most part, I keep everything locked up inside safe from public scrutiny. Anything said out loud or online does not even come close to resembling the full reality of my existence and it never will. I hold things like privacy, family and a safe place to fall sacred. So when any one of those starts to fade or crumble, it rattles my collective cage. 

I don't care if you speak your mind. In fact, anything less is just bullshit. However, if you have something to say to me, about me, then you need to approach it from a place of sincere caring and not a place of hatred or disgust in order for it to have the desired effect on ME. If you yell at me, if you talk over me when I'm trying to explain myself, if you berate me or make me out to be anything less than the person I know I am, you'll pretty much just get this:  Fuck. Off. 

Maybe I'm just too sensitive. Maybe I'd better change shirts and get this heart off my sleeve. Perhaps I just need to change my mindset, and never expect to get back what I give, then life might be a touch easier. But I'm stubborn. I keep being here. I keep listening. I keep caring. I keep loving. It is who I am and nothing nor no one will ever change that about me. 

I wasn't born with enough middle fingers. 

And sometimes, I get really, really angry when I know I've been disrespected and ignored. 

It is. What it is. 

18 December 2011

Be Quiet! You Might Piss Somebody Off....

No alarm, just me all alone and awake at 3:08 AM. A little Muzak going through my head in the form of this:

But, something is on my mind, something that always saddens me to the core. Animals. I adore them. Life would be utterly and completely vapid without them. So, when I think about what happens to them at the hands at some of our most morally and thoughtfully defunct, idiotic humans, I cannot help but get even more pissed. This was on my Facebook feed last night: 

Really, the only thing that comes to mind, musically, is this: 

Lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, pride and envy
these are your last rites
Nothing is sacred...

from "Last Rites" Tura Satana

or this even, because the screaming and rage in this song sums up how I feel: 

If only I could scream like this.  If. Only. 

If you don't know the atrocities that take place to bring you designer dogs, then now is the time to educate yourself. Seriously. Face the truth. It will set your brain free from the throes of Pet Store Marketing. Start with this: 

Meanwhile, I need to go find my Avenged Sevenfold disc so I can listen, loudly, and scream, on the way to work this morning.  

If this is important to you, please share it......and don't let it fade away. 


17 December 2011

Spare Me Confessions

First: I am a Foo Fighters freak. Next, not sure why, but with no alarm, I woke up to this loop: 

Maybe it speaks to my demeanor. I'm fairly mellow, one of those people you just don't see, but boy can I get wound up. Especially when it comes to bullshit. Maybe it's the fact that the nurse said my blood pressure was a touch on the high side yesterday, and for the life of me I cannot figure out why? It's never been high, save for when I was pregnant and totally addicted to salt. THEN, it kind of skyrocketed, but that was some 20+ years ago.......Just another symptom of getting older, that and a reminder to watch what the hell I eat!!  

So, before I get some groceries after work today, I'll be thinking about what to NOT get and what TO get so as to make sure I keep my blood from bursting through the veiny things, eh?  

Or, it could just be that I like this song. It's got a good beat and you can bounce to it. Boing. 

Foo Fighters

I have a choice between the bat or the belt
each time I hear about the hand you've been delt
spare me confession
it's confession you sell
maybe I'll fall behind
but I don't mind
because I'll catch up

I want a song that's indelible
like manimal
I hope you never see me wind up

will I be happy on the back of the shelf
will you be happy when we're sharing a cell
spare me your questions since you know me so well
someday you'll realize
that I get shy and I choke up

what is wrong with this animal
I'm terrible
I hope you never see me wind up

farewell my sweet paramania
my only promise is that I'll never tell
keep you at a distance from the things that I felt
I'll bite the bullet
take the beating
until I take it ALL back anyway
what was I supposed to say?

16 December 2011

Not Enough Time On My Hands

When you get up at 3:30 AM and have to leave the house by 5:15 AM, there's not too much time to piddle around. I got nothing today. Woke up to some screaming, not really, but very LOUD obnoxious music that ended and the announcer went on about how it was the Top 10,000 songs of 2011 or some such nonsense.

Since I got nothing, I could throw this at you:

But instead we'll hit up the really long gone past and revisit this: 

Mainly, because my beloved was listening to some Saigon Kick yesterday, so they're lingering about in the pud muddle of my brain cell.  I miss them. I miss that sound. They jammed. Period. But since the only things that are available on You Boob are the mellow shit, I am at a loss for video coverage.  Check out the song "Edgar" sometime. Failing that, check out the album "The Lizard". 

It's excellent shit!  

Sorry to be so abrubt, but am rather OCD when it comes to making sure that I get to work WELL before the scheduled time of arrival!!  Perhaps tomorrow, I'll be clearer of mind and thought!  Have a great day!  

15 December 2011

Minor Falls, Major Lifts

Yesterday I had a mini-meltdown over my hands and their inability to stay awake or to stop tingling. That's a minor, minor fall in comparison to the major lift I got from this performance last night, a performance that's still playing in my brain this morning:

I'm not the world's biggest Leonard Cohen fan. In fact, I couldn't tell you jack-shite about him, his career or his life. The first time I heard "Hallelujah" was when I bought this cd: 

Yet, the Bono version just didn't have any impact on me back then. I guess I wasn't ready to hear it. I bought the cd all those years ago, because Tori Amos covered "Famous Blue Raincoat" and I was in to collecting every single thing she put out back then. If I recall correctly, I think the first time this song had a deep effect on me was when I heard it on Shrek, as performed by John Cale: 

14 December 2011

When I Say 'When'

Had a beautiful night last night, putting up the tree. This year, it's just my beloved and I, with a short visit from my son......and the first time in a long time that we got a new tree, or even wanted to put up a tree for Christmas. 

I kind of really love how that shot turned out, with the shadows on the ceiling and total green glow. See, this year we dedicated our tree to Type O Negative, complete with green lights, green and black ornaments and the top hat in memory of the dearly departed Mr. Steele: 

The tree itself really reminds me of him, let alone with the top hat on it, since he was really, really tall....but then again, I am really, really short. I just remember having to look way up when we met him at a signing many, many moons ago!  

So, whilst decorating the tree, instead of listening to Type O, my beloved broke out: 

Which contains this, one of my favorite songs ever, and this version, which I definitely want played at my funeral, so that all 5-6 attendees can listen to it....: 

This is the original: 

This is the acoustic release: 

To me, there is just no more romantic, more excellent piece of lyrical content than this song. 
I'll never say 'When', when it comes to listening to My Fighters of the Foo. Just won't. I know, I've already mentioned them this week, but there's a lot to mention, so deal. Then share this song with your own beloved. 

Happy Several Days Before Christmas, or Whatever You Celebrate at This Time of the Year! 


13 December 2011

I'd Need a Pretty Good Cause

No alarm, of course, because I have this stupid tendency to wake up 10 minutes before....just woke up with this song on loop:

Don't ask why, because I have NO clue whatsoever. Personally, I find Mr. Tate to be a pompous ass who can't be bothered to meet with the people who have gave him the ability to be successful. Pfft. Whatever. Still, Mindcrime was a brilliant piece of work. 

I used to trust the media

To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

So it goes, some things never change, eh? Still the same old crooked society it was when they wrote this all those years back. 

The only thing I care to start a revolution about would be animals....yet I'm not a fanatic PETA freak. Maybe I'm more of an advocate for common sense, decency and the possession of a soul. Things like THIS should never happen, not amongst thinking, breathing humans. And to give this 'person' (using that term lightly) only 18 months when she threw that beautiful animal away like so much garbage? Please. You get more time for possessing a quarter bag of pot. That's justice?  

Make a revolution out of humanity. Make a revolution out of having a heart, a soul and the basic levels of compassion. Just make it happen. Every day. 

12 December 2011

One Cat A-Scratching...

For whatever reason, the Universe decided to try its hand at humor this morning. This came blaring into my eardrum:

I guess to remind me not to ever attempt to pick up this: 

When this is right behind me:

I know have four, perfectly aligned and very painful, yet healing, scratches on my wrist. My bad. I should have known. One must always allow Jezebel to make her own decisions about relocation throughout the house. Silly me. 

Other than that, I really have no tolerance for Mr. Nugent. In my humblest of opining, he's about as useful as Kid Rock. Bawitdaba: profound lyrical content at its best, eh?  I'm not a big nature freak, nor do I support sport hunting, so really there's not much common ground, thusly I just don't relate to him. To each their very own, though, right?  

It's Monday, people! Time to start the week and learn how to avoid getting maimed by your cat!  Have a great week!  

11 December 2011

I Should Have Foo'd

I love my husband. He knows me. So last night, when, inevitably, there was nothing on non-cable, non-satellite TV, he decided he just couldn't wait to give me one of my Christmas presents:

What's not to love about that?  Nothing, that's what! It was everything excellent and Foo-ish that one could get! Full of music, full of history, full of things I never knew, just full of cool. One of the most interesting parts of the entire film was watching the making of Wasting Light....and this song, in particular: 

10 December 2011

Highly Explosive Saturday

"You don't know what you got, til it's gone." True, that expression. It's only been a short time since I've been back to work in the real world, but my mindset is completely revised. I'm not embarrassed by what I do, I actually LIKE what I do. Hell, if I had the capital and the credit score, I'd probably have my own restaurant, because I like cooking and creating. In the meantime, however, I think I get so paranoid about being late for work that I cannot fully sleep. Went back to bed after the beloved left for work at 3:30 AM, set the alarm for 5:30 AM, and yet woke up about every 20 minutes and finally got back up at 5:12 AM. Go figure. Enough about that, though. 

Let's talk about Tairrie B and My Ruin

Very delicately borrowed from here

The first time we saw her, we had no clue who she was nor the band, at that time, Manhole, for that matter. They opened for Type O and Life of Agony way back in 1996, I believe, at Piere's in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Regardless, I was instantly in love, and she remains to this day, my main woman crush. She's got it all, she's the bee's knees, best thing since sliced bread and all those other useless expressions of glee. She's got history down to a science and she's not doomed to repeat it because no matter what comes her way, she bulldozes through it, coming out the other side on top, screaming her arrival. 

She is wicked cool. 

So is My Ruin, the current incarnation of her and her band. You can take your Kittie (Kitty?) and your Otep and whatever other screaming frontgirl band that comes along, but don't forget that the likes of Ms. B gave fuel to the fire that created all the knockoffs. 

On December 7th of this year, My Ruin generously released their newest project, "A Southern Revelation" for FREE.  Here. Expecting and asking nothing in return, just free for the people who have loved them and for anyone who finds them now....Free. It's a tribute to the darker days of their past and as they call it "their slaying of the beast." 

Today, it fuels my drive to work. I finally got a moment to download it then burn it for travel purposes. I cannot wait to scream along down the highway. I suggest you do the same! 

09 December 2011

Sleepless in Ohio: The Benecio del Toro Edition

Unbelievable that yet again I cannot sleep. Dogs woke me up...I THOUGHT it was 3:45 am....which it finally is now as I write this, yet did not realize that my beloved had hit the Daylight Savings Time button on the alarm clock, so it was actually an hour earlier. Imagine my dismay when I first noticed the kitchen clock's announcement of this frustrating information!!

Anywhoooooooooo, of course this means no universal message for me today. I am left to my own devices. I woke up with Melanie Amaro's horrifically butchered club remix of Adele's 'Someone Like You':


In order to purge my braincell of any trace of THAT particular nightmare, I thought back to yesterday, when my beloved posted this on my Facebook wall: 

Beautiful words, excellent song, took me right back to the younger years. I had not heard this song in eons. It was good. Then, of course, in the course of searching other Gerry Rafferty stuff on Youtube, I saw this: 

08 December 2011


No alarm. No matter what I try, I cannot seem to just SLEEP. So, no alarm today, just me wide awake and watching recaps of last night's X Factor to see what I missed by going to bed at 8 PM.  There was this:

He had me at 'At' and for the most part has kept me hooked throughout the show's run. Now he's in the final 5 and hopefully continues on past tonight or whenever the next eliminate takes place. There are basically three reasons why this guy moves me:
  1. That voice
  2. That soul
  3. The fact that he, too, is from this vapid state of Ohio and has a HUGE chance to make his escape!
I don't know much about Josh Krajcik, except for what I've seen on X Factor, like how he's got a daughter that he adores, a girlfriend (I think), and a mother that adores him, and I think I read something about his dad being there to support him as well. I'm not much for tracking down every last, minute detail about a person's life just because they're famous.  

Although, I did learn recently that Daniel Day Lewis took like a five-year hiatus and moved to Italy to learn to make shoes. Spiffy, eh?  

Kindly borrowed from http://shoeblogs.com/day-lewis/

All I know is that I am looking forward to the day when Mr. K gets an entire album/release/whatever you kids call it these days, full of nothing but songs that do him justice. NO more of the TV fluff, the pop bullshit, the bells and glittery, cage-ridden whistles, just him and that voice. It most definitely is something. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I like him. Love, even. I have faith that even if he doesn't 'win' top honors on this show, he'll move on to even bigger success. 

So, I suppose the universe would like me to know today that: 
  1. There is hope, even if you live in Ohio
  2. You can find inspiration in the strangest places, including corny vocal competition programming
  3. While I might work in a deli, I still have the capability to read, listen, learn and become whatever I want to become whenever I decide to do so.  Josh made burritos in Columbus. 
That is all. 

07 December 2011

Save Yourself

or as my friend Steve says:  Shave Yourself.

No, this will not be an internationally acclaimed treatise on the fine art of shaving. Sorry. But watch the ads....you'll probably see a ton of really cool razors and other shaving apparati. :D

No alarm today. Another day off. I've been on this huge Adele kick this week, not sure why....but I think this may be her best song:

and as Coldplay so aptly puts it and it so aptly describes Adele:

"God gave you style and gave you grace
And put a smile upon your face"

I think this song has to be my favorite mainly because it makes want to go lift up the cover and start playing my own piano again. Not to mention the song's arrangement, her tone and phrasing....just gorgeous. When something hits you right in the heart...you know it's good, no matter what it is, it's how it affects YOU that matters. All things fall under all manner of interpretation to all people. Right? I guess if we all had the capability to recognize that, there might be less conflict all over the planet. But that's way larger a scale than someone like me needs to approach. Way larger.

06 December 2011

Screaming Whispers

Always trips me out when the first line of a song is the first thing out of the radio....weird timing. Night fell last night and we went to bed at 7:30 pm. Like old people. Eeek. Sleep is good though, except for when you wake up with both hands asleep and can't shut off the alarm or turn on the light. Hate that. 

I've had many nights alone. I don't miss it. I appreciate what we have and I appreciate my beloved, more than he'll ever know. I also appreciate the fact that he's a walking, talking, snoring, musical encyclopedia, without which I'd still be sitting here trying to figure out what the song was this morning. 

Not sure what the message of the day is, but I do know that when the Universe wants you to know something, you'll know it. Usually through whispers that scream. 

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Night, falls, and I'm alone
Skin, yeah, chilled me to the bone
You, turned and you ran,
Oh yeah
Oh slipped, right from my hand

Blue on black
Tears on a river
Push on a shove
It don't mean much
Joker on jack
Match on a fire
Cold on ice
A dead man's touch
Whisper on a scream
Doesn't change a thing
Don't bring you back
Blue on black
Oh yeah, blue on black

Blind, oh, now i see
Truth, lies, and in between
Wrong, cant be undone
Oh slipped, from the tip of 
Your tongue

05 December 2011

Setting the Periodic Table

Today, I forego the universe's message, since it is a song that I care to never hear again:

If it means something to you, excellent! To me, it just makes me want to shut the radio off.  

Instead, when I first visited Facebook this morning, I was greeted with instantly recognizable lyrics on a friend's feed: 

~Type O Negative

Periodic tableware
psychotropic science fare

But who will - save the sane
some beings - just can't change
now - crawl on by - a fake - tear in your eye
and think - isn't he strange

Pseudogasmic chemistry
necromorphic apathy

But who will - save the sane
some beings - just can't change
now - crawl on by - a fake - tear in your eye
and think - isn't he strange

Physical laws unapplied - hamper my - quest
unsurreal world of unfailed - HIV - tests
der ubermensch warning of pi techno junkies - 3.141592653
come on boy - tell me - tell me

Tentative ambulance date - bound for G - ward
beartrap psychiatrist bait - chew my paw - off
unmercilessly we will take you away to slumber
but only if you can recite avogadro's number
come on boy - tell me - tell me

But who will - save the sane
some beings - just can't change
now - crawl on by - a fake - tear in your eye
and think - isn't he strange

Now - crawl on by - a fake tear in your eye
and think - wasn't he strange

It's a song that just makes absolute sense to me. Maybe because I'm not one of the sane whom needs saving...and I love, love, love, LOVE the music. I tend towards the Type O songs with a grand and sweeping arrangement, over the more hard-core selections.....they have a sound that I never heard before and never will again. 

I guess today's message is this:  If you don't get me, just keep crawling on by.

Happy Monday!