12 November 2011

The Wicked and Wild Wind

No first words, up before the alarm, only the sound of the neighbor's freezing dog barking at the moon, carrying on for at least a good 30-45 minutes. No "pet" kept by a human should be subjected to that type of treatment....however, I digress. I could go on ad infinitum...but I won't. 

On to the first words in my head:

"I used to rule the world..."

Not really. I've never really ruled much of anything in life, let alone myself. That needs to change. It is. Just slowly. So maybe this song is for me, in reverse. Sweeping the streets (proverbially, not literally) in the past, maybe now is my time to own them. Now that all the extraneous bullshit is out of the way, maybe now it's time to see who I really am meant to be....or not to be. 

That is the question. 

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