26 November 2011

Stardust, Bombers, Mothers and Daughters

No alarm...and of course, waking up of my own accord, for some reason I still had 'Wild Horses' stuck on loop. So, I kind of cheated and went to the radio station website to see what THEY were playing at the precise moment when I woke up this morning: 4:55 AM.

I will readily admit that I am an idiot when it comes to music history, trivia and other assorted factoids. Thusly, although I have heard this song numerous times throughout life, I never realized that it was also THIS song: 

Further delineating the reasons why I am an idiot, I can honestly say that I never heard Joni Mitchell's piece until we watched Six Feet Under.

This is the original scene, Season 2, Episode 7 - "In the Garden".....but they removed the audio for copyright reasons (stupid but true), so if you want to hear it you'll have to find the full episode online or via dvd..... 

Then, whilst perusing through the other clips, I came upon this particular scene: 

You really can't get a better portrayal of the constant wars that take place between mothers and daughters, my relationship with my own daughter notwithstanding.....it's how it is. I don't think anyone truly knows why, either.....it saddens me to no end that it was this way with my own mother, and then it was this way with my own daughter, not precisely, but along the same lines of argument.  

At some point, I suppose, we all have to realize that there comes a time when we no longer hold the same value and importance in a person's life as we once did. At that point, we have to let them go. We have to let them learn for themselves. As Claire so aptly stated: "I'm learning from LIFE....."  

So, daughter, if you ever read this, you must understand that though I can't ever seem to demonstrate it properly, it's always been about wanting the best for you. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Art imitates life. With infinite precision. 

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