29 November 2011

One of These Cars

Woke up at 3:24....some 11 minutes before the alarm. Mainly because we've got some sort of issue that makes the house smell like sewage whenever it rains heavily, and it was, and still is, one hour later, raining heavily. Puke. So I cheated, and looked at the radio station's playlist again. At the time of awakenage, this was playing:

"I've been searching for the daughter 
of the devil himself 
I've been searching for an angel in white 
I've been waiting for a woman who's a little 
of both"

~from 'One of These Nights' 

That music takes me back. Remember 8-Track tapes? I had Hotel California on 8-Track, and a Dodge Diplomat, in dull gray.white, with shiny red leather interior....and a not-so-shiny-or-new-8-Track-Tape-Player.....(it's really annoying to insert so many hyphens!) And wouldn't you know, the only picture I cannot find on the internet is that of a gray/white Dodge Diplomat that looked like mine....but it kind of looked like this: 

When you're young and you get a car from your parents, you really can't afford to be a vehicle snot and expect the latest Trans-Am or Camaro (dated, yes...I'm older, deal with it. :D)  

So, I guess today's wake up call is that I should look back fondly on the assortment of cars I've had and be grateful for every one of them, including the diesel versions of the Cutlass (of which there were two), the Dodge, the Ford Fairmont, some little burgundy car that caught on fire, but which I cannot remember the make or model, my first favorite, the li'l black Ford Escort 5-speeder, the Ford Contour, my second favorite, my beloved Concord, seen here, on her last day at the farm: 

Now, we've got a new, used car, which we will drive until death, because that's what we do...get them used, then drive them til they can drive no more. Cars get fancier, they come with more bells and whistles, but still, somedays, I miss that 8-track-Tape-Player and my Hotel California, Alice Cooper and Grease Soundtrack tapes. 

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