20 November 2011

Lonely Tangos, Makeup and Sunshine

No alarm. I actually got SEVEN hours of sleep this night. Amazing. Sometimes, when a song gets stuck in my head, for days, I think it must mean something (other than that I am just loopy) and there's something for me to learn. Not always, but sometimes.

Yesterday, my FB friend, Richie, of Long Day Fear, posted a Police video:

Which, for some reason unbeknownst to me, brought this to mind: 

Which really, in no way, resembles this: 

Yet, the tune is damned catchy, no matter which way you hear it. And, upon doing some research, I learned some new things today:

Jacek Koman (The Unconscious Argentinean in Moulin Rougelooks eerily similar to Hugh Laurie.

Images gently borrowed and accredited to these two sites: 

Jose Feliciano performed on El Tango de Roxanne, yet for the life of me, I cannot find visual proof. Yet, during my search, I found this: 

and this.....

(One of my favorite songs ever)

Which then led me to this: 

I am all over the place when it comes to music. There's very little that I do NOT like....it's more about an individual song than a genre for me. It is the feeling evoked from a certain set of words and notes, nothing I can precisely describe. All I know is that without music, the world would be even more bleak than it is now, and a certain level of joy would be removed from this thing called 'being human'. Oh, and though he's had some real stinkers, I think Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge was an astounding creation. Just listen to the music. Listen and watch it and be even more amazed, inspired and entranced. 

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