19 November 2011

Fatted Calves, Indonesian Blues and Escaped Convicts

Good Lord. What it takes sometimes to figure out what I heard coming from the radio. So I'm going to surmise that the Universe decided to teach me a lesson about searching for answers on my own, in yet another form.  The Universe is getting lazy, perhaps?

So.............I woke up to "My souls on fireeeeeeeeeeeeee".....and for the life of me, I could not place the voice or the song, even though I've heard it tons of times.

Trusty Google came to my aid and I added the words 'She set...' during my search.  First, I found this:

Never heard of it, or Mr. Parker before in my life, mainly because I've never been a huge fan of the old, old, OLD-School blues. It was cool though, sort of reminded me of our honeymoon in New Orleans and a visit to this most excellent bar called 'The Fatted Calf' which was right around the corner from our hotel, so it was most conveniently located for lots of imbibement. But that was eons ago.....still I do know now what it means to miss New Orleans....

Back to the story at hand:  I searched again, omitting the 'She'...and came up with this: 

Yet another artist I've never seen nor heard of til today, but these guys I may have to devote some more time to.....this is more my speed. They're called Gugun Blues Shelter , an 'Indonesian Blues power trio', of all things to discover at 2:30 AM in the throes of Ohio. 

After listening to that fairly decent tune, I decided "HEY...why not go to the radio station website and see if they have a play list?"  So I did. And so did they.......right here. Whaddya know.....there's a whole list, sorted by song title, artist and even the time they played it.  Pretty damned spiffy and just a smidgen of helpfulness to those of us who suck at song title remembrance. 

There it was, at the 2:26 AM mark:  Bad Company's Burnin' Sky.  Well DUHHHHHHHHHH.....how could I NOT have recognized the sound?  Because I wasn't awake, damn it!   

I don't remember him looking that creepy when I met him...but then, that was back in like the early, early 90's, so yeah.  Still, he's kept the voice and that's really all that counts when you go see Bad Company live. 

So, what have we learned from today's wake up call?  That, sometimes, you find things you might not have otherwise found, and learn things you might not have otherwise learned, when you have to go in search of the answers yourself.  Let me know what you find today during your travels of the Internets!  

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