24 November 2011

Faith is Not Broken

No alarm today, just the sounds of my son coming in at 3:15 am, dogs barking and him trying to tiptoe around in his room. Nice try.

Since I don't get to watch a lot of prime time television, I haven't been able to watch full episodes of 'X Factor' for most of its duration. No big loss, because, really, it's all hype, except for the singing parts, which is what I REALLY want to see, and not even all the performers, just a few.

When it comes to music, there are lots of things upon which the beloved and I disagree. Take 'Wild Horses', for instance. He insists that no one should ever perform that song except The Stones. I wholeheartedly disagree. Sure, there are some artists who just shouldn't have even bothered (Leon Russell, Debbie Harry and Susan Boyle, for starters....), but then there are those who take that song and fly with it.

Some songs are just built to withstand the slings and misfortunes of outrageous performers. While I don't disagree that The Stones did it best (since it was THEIR song....), it is entire possible for someone else to be inspired enough and talented enough to make the song their own.

Here's the original:

Here are just a few of the renditions that back up my theory.....

and last, but the one that my beloved will undoubtedly despise the most, but the one that really, REALLY shines: 

I don't care that we disagree.....I know what music means to me. He knows what it means to him, and if never the twain shall meet, so be it, wild horses couldn't take us away from our feelings. Oh, and wild horses can't ever drag me away from him.  So, today, on Thanksgiving, regardless of petty arguments about the irrelevant things in life, I am grateful for my husband. I adore him. My faith is not broken any more, and no matter where life takes us, I know that he will forever have my heart.  

Yet, I will someday own the first Josh Krajcik cd made after 'X Factor' ends. 

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