28 November 2011

Engine Coolant

I actually slept til the alarm went off (GASP!!!).....and woke up to this:

Not really full of lyrical profundity, maybe its a warning to not get TOO rambunctious or excited or overinvolved in the new job arena. Today is the first day. Just take it slow. I'm in a much different mindset today, as opposed to even four years ago when I started my last 'new job' outside the home. The only thing stressing me out now is how bad that boys are going to wreck the bedroom whilst I am gone for so many hours at a time.  We've got to figure something out. Kennels? I hate the thought. Maybe shipping them out to the other room during the day. There's a heater out there, a couch for them to lay on and plenty of room to run around and minimal damage they could do out there. Alas, I ramble.  

It's Monday. The day for new beginnings. Looking forward to all the positive changes that are about to take place. Not looking back, not going to make the same mistakes as before and embracing whatever comes along. 

Oh, and Christmas....I'm actually looking forward to it this year, for the first time in longer than I can remember. And since it's just the two of us, we're making our own tree dedicated to Type O Negative, complete with a ton of green and black ornaments, green ribbon, green lights and whatever other black items we can find, like a top hat...to top it off. Pictures will abound when it's done. Probably won't go really well with our somewhat brown/tannish living room and burgundy-colored curtains, but really, it's just us, so if it makes us happy, that's all that matters.  

Have a wonderful week, cool your engines and go with the flow for a second or two!  


Saby said...

Break a leg!

Miragi said...

I shall do that :D Thank you!

DS_Aldridge said...

I know you'll be great! Let me know how it goes. xoxoxoxxo

Miragi said...

First day over, went great. :D Thank you xoxoxox