17 November 2011

Dollhouses, Tattle Tales and Seven Veils

No alarm for the umpteenth time….because for some reason I keep waking up beforehand.  Might be due to the medication I started taking yesterday, an anti-inflammatory more popularly known as an NSAID. I have ONE thumb that has decided to be pissy….and somewhere between the early onset of arthritis or a jamming that I never realized I did, that fuquer HURTS and refuses to be completely mobile, so after a month of its uncooperative behavior, it and I paid and visit to the doctor. One stupid pill put me in an alternate universe of upset stomach, vomiting and extreme gas.

The joys of getting older.

If that wasn’t enough, my 4G card died, right in the midst of a driver update no less, yesterday morning, so I’ve been without internets until the new card arrives sometime today.  Big corporation or no, you gotta hand it to Verizon for some stellar, AMERICAN, customer service where you don’t have to enter verbal warfare to get what you need. I don’t even think I was talking to the woman for ONE minute before she determined that I deserved a brand new card that would arrive today via overnight shipping.  Too bad we can’t say the same for Sprint’s double-billing, completely-in-denial-ass or T-Mobile’s stable of not-Native-Indians names Paul, Steve or Betsy.

I digress from the theme of this particular blog, however.  While the universe has once again left me without clue, my brain decided to lighten the mood with a rousing loop of GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS…………….

……at 3:05 AM. Really. Maybe it was due to watching Dani California the other day, or perhaps because I bore witness to the wigged wonder Brett Michaels performing what may be the shittiest, least sincere rendition of a guitar ballad on one of Regis Philbin’s final “Regis & Kelly” shows.  (This is what happens when my Internets vanish, I am forced to turn on the television for noise.) Or perhaps it was my brain cell’s lame attempt at regaining my youth.

What do YOU do to relive your youth? 

UPDATE:  Clearly, I have regained access to the Internets. And, as mentioned previously, Verizon, corporate conglomerate or no, seems to be kicking ass, at least when it comes to customer service for cell and wireless broadband.  Can't say the same about landline service, but that's a whole other novella. :D 

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