25 November 2011

Dancing, Calling, Laughing, Falling..........

Yet again, no alarm...just the boys jumping up and down from the bed, random barking and the sounds of my son trying to be quiet but not quite succeeding. Those are the things I miss. I wish he was here all the time. O well, those kids, they grow up.

I woke up with this song looping in the brain cell....

There's not much profundity to it....and just a few lines get stuck: 

"...And we're all going to meet her
Yes we're all going to meet her..."

Who the hell is 'her'? I don't have clue what the song means, but it's beautiful and mellow and peaceful. 

I really missed my mother-in-law yesterday. It's been four years since she went away....maybe that song just reminds me that someday we'll all meet her again. Somewhere. She was a beautiful soul and she is missed more than I think she would ever have imagined.

I miss a lot of things, yet a lot of the things I miss are things that I never had to begin with....so maybe I'm just envious of others who do have those things. 

I hope you all had a lovely holiday with your beloveds and families.......and if you partake in Black Friday festivities, may the force be with you and you are a more patient beast than I. Happy Day After Thanksgiving!  Enjoy! 

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