15 November 2011

Specks of Butterfly Rage

No words came screaming from the radio today. Just me, still pondering an image I saw yesterday. 

Image gently borrowed from here

Which then led my brain cell to start looping this: 

So, whether we're specks of dust or caged rodents, all the detritus that consumes us, day in and day out, is just simply irrelevant. Since I was pondering the presence of too much stuff yesterday, it seems only fitting that today it all gets put into perspective and you realize that what really matters is how you prioritize all this stuff.  

I made copious mistakes when it came to raising my daughter. Things I can't change. Things I regret. All I can do now is move forward. But I knew things were off even when she was small. I wrote this back in 2000:  

Black clouds and butterflies
Do weave their patterns
Through the carousel of her mind
Spinning tales of magic
And effervescent joy
Amidst chaos blind

Black clouds and butterflies
Steal her away
Through the doorway of reason
Guiding her cherubic hand
To fashion inconstant dreams
Filled with splendorous treason

Faeries here, do dance with trolls
Dahlias do, in her vision, bloom in black
And the looms of her soul spin without control
Threads of gossamer grief
To enshroud her tiny conscience
In a rough-hewn satin which comprises her soul

Black clouds and butterflies
Envelop her very being
Where one is always and ever so many more
Panes of ruby-colored glass
Allow admittance to tiny rays of golden sun
When, but for a moment, she opens the door

There are no do-overs in child-rearing...you get one shot. Keep that in mind if you have yet to procreate and make that one shot count.

In other facets of life, however, you can get somewhat of a do-over, like with money, career, marriage, etc.  My big stumbling block in life has been money and the management thereof.  I'm not a shop-a-holic, nor materialistic....I just lack the organizational skills that last longer than five minutes in order to maintain a semblance of normal financial balance. The one thing, however, that has always stuck with me, is prioritizing your spending and deciding whether all those material gains are worth the amount of work you'd have to do to maintain the acquisition of said things, or whether life is better lived whilst enjoying the simpler pleasures.  If you have money issues, I highly recommend that you pick up a copy of "Your Money or Your Life" and at least read it once, if not several times.  While you don't have to follow it to the letter, the advice within is worth substantially more than the latest release of iPad or Kindle.

I've babbled long enough. Just some random feelings brought about by specks of dust, rodents and storm clouds. You are now free to move about the internets.

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