21 November 2011


Sometimes, I am subjected to deep thoughts than my brain cell can handle.

Sometimes, I wake up and the stupidest song on the planet will be looping in my brain:

While the song is annoying, the show amuses me greatly, and I typically am NOT the type to be amused by laugh-track-enhanced sitcoms. When you live with someone who tends toward OCD, and you ARE someone who leans toward OCD, and you have given birth to an intelligent being, who does not yet fully realize just how intelligent he really is, this show is just a kind of review of everyday life. Kind of. 

Take this scene, for instance: 

Perfect example of how you can't visually or specifically pinpoint that something is off, but you feel it just the same. Penny accidentally shot Leonard's seat cushion with a paint ball gun, then flipped the cushion over to hide it. My beloved is much the same....you can change things, but he will, without pause, be able to tell. Like me, with my messy piles of papers.  Damn it. I know where things are. If you, or the random cat Jezebel, try to rearrange things, however, it throws off my universal flow. Organization, and the lack thereof, is definitely NOT in the eye of the beholder, but the beholdee. 

The phrase 'Live and let live' comes to mind, often. It gets me through the weekly trip to the store without killing certain other shoppers. The phrase 'A place for everything and everything in its place' also comes rushing in, because whilst I might appear to be a gigantic slob, really, I am quite organized and rely on my systems of storage to help me function. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to increase my neatness factor, just means that it is what is is, and the mess often works better for me. Sad but true.  

One day I'll get it all together, I promise. 

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