07 November 2011

Bad Company

First words of the day: 'Ready for love.....'

Funny thing about Bad Company. Saw them twice, met them once. They had a British drum tech, we met him in the parking lot on the way into the venue....got backstage, never once sat in our assigned, ticketed seats, then went to some bar in Dayton. It was many moons ago, I don't remember much except that I felt highly out of place. I'm just not Groupie material. Way too shy for all that and I have no agenda to get brushed by fame......

So how does this apply to me today? Maybe it's in this particular verse:

Now I'm on my feet again,
Better things are bound to happen,
All my dues surely must be paid,
Many miles and many tears,
Times were hard, but now they're changing,
You should know that I'm not afraid

I mean, how many dues must one pay before something goes completely and totally right? One day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time, one second at a time. Something's gotta give, right?  

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