03 November 2011

At Last...

First words of the day. None. No alarm. Day off, just me up before the boids. Spent a beautiful, calm, peaceful and excellent day with my beloved....did exactly what WE wanted to do to celebrate our anniversary.

Thinking back about the wedding, and the music, I remember how very excellent it was to hear Nat King Cole's 'When I Fall in Love...' There are just certain voices that take you away from everything. Him, Etta James, Peter Steele, Lindsey Buckingham.....and a definitively exceptional person that I saw on yet another reality contest show "X Factor."

Proving once again that if you are stuck in Ohio, you have one of two choices......stick here forever or do something that will skyrocket you the hell out of here!  (See Marilyn Manson, Carmen Electra, Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name some of the more recent escapees...)

Josh Kracjik had me at "At"......and though he may not have much "range" as my beloved puts it, he's got soul for days and the kind of voice that just makes everything seem alright. Reminiscent of Joe Cocker, he just has something going on that I can't explain.

I could give two flying fuquetarts about reality shows, but sometimes, they unearth that which should not be kept hidden.....I don't watch the shows, unless there is nothing else on, mainly because I can't handle all the fakery and the variety show bullshite, but I pick up his performances on the Tube of You's, and await patiently for the day when he gets a contract and releases a collection that I can purchase.

In other news, my beloved got me not one but TWO cds that I've been wanting - the new releases from both Coldplay and Lindsey Buckingham.  Those, along with a trip to the past in the form of the Temple of the Dog cd will keep my ears occupied for quite a while.

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