13 November 2011


First words of the day today? None...just guitar. Funny, when I was little I thought their name was 'The Almond Brothers'....First time I remember seeing Greg Allman was on the front page of The Enquirer at the grocery store when he was dating Cher.  Yes, I remember that clearly....along with pictures of Gene Simmons, sans makeup, with a mask over most of his lower face...not at the same time, but also seen whilst standing in the checkout line. You learn so much when going to buy groceries. But then, that was in a time when we didn't have Wikis or Googles or even phones that went outside the house.  I am ancient, I fear.  

I don't feel old. 

Other than that, I have nothing profound to say today. Happy Sunday!  

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Deborah Aldridge said...

I saw the Allman Brothers upfront and personal in a tiny bar in Columbia, SC before they were famous. Marshall Tucker and Lynard Skynard too. I saw AB a total of 7 times, and I took the day off work when Duane died. Greg lived in Bradenton, FL when I lived there. It was post-Cher. He's a washed-up junkie. I never saw him when I was there, but I wasn't looking. Duane was the real talent in that band.

So I am REALLY old. Good times, though.