08 November 2011


No alarm today. Just me, up at an ungodly hour, because, as per usual, my brain refuses to shut down. Sometimes, 24 hours in a day is too many hours, probably because I'm always awake for so many of them. Sometimes, I really do just want to be sedated. Like, after surgery, that morphine was DI-VINE!  Feel nothing, think nothing, just lay there and float.

Funny, coming from someone who rarely touches alternative forms of self-medication. I drink maybe quarterly, I don't partake (although unlike some former presidentia, I can admit that I have before inhaled...), no snorting, no shooting up...no nothing. Well, except nicotine. She's a bitch that I cannot seem to tame, and it pisses me off to be so weak.

What's your vice? What makes YOU want to be sedated?

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