24 November 2013

Off the Floor

It's been a while. I know. Life and stuff. A lot has happened since we last spoke. Visiting hospitals then visiting musicians, obtaining unwanted health issues and yet getting to meet and mingle hair with more favorite musicians (more later....), creating things, getting pissed at things, writing things. Just a lot going on.  

It would seem that this song, however, has chosen itself to be my wake up call, and not just because of seeing them live...or listening to the album whenever I'm in the car....I think there's a message in there somewhere, probably right around the chorus....which is so very catchy, it's the first thing I hear when I wake up lately! 

You'll have to click to find out what this very important wake up call says!  Go on. Click it. Do it. You won't be sorry......

05 November 2013

Wheels Are Turning

Not sure why but this is on loop this morning:

Not really ready for today or tomorrow, but it's here regardless, so onward and upward right?  I was thinking a lot about death yesterday. Thinking that I don't know what the hell I think. Thinking about people and how they change over the years. Wondering how they got from one way of thinking to another. Wondering why, when people "find Jesus" they suddenly are shrouded in a cloak of "I'm now better and know much more than you" finery. Whatever. 

It's your loss if you shut people out of your life because they don't hold the same thoughts or beliefs as you. 

Imagine how different things would be had either of my parents ever asked me WHY I feel like I do. WHY I believe or don't believe in the things I do or don't believe in. I've watched them over the years, taking in complete strangers, like little projects to be crafted and molded and shaped into another soldier for "the Lord".....meanwhile, they never took the time to truly believe in me because I just would not bend to their will and their plans for my life. 

All journeys, ultimately, end at the same place though. So maybe I'll see them somewhere down the road when this time is over. I don't know. I just know that I refuse to live in fear and feel downtrodden and disheartened because I was born a ""sinner"". It doesn't take the blood of Christ or anyone else to make me whole or a good person. What it does take is the thoughts, the choices and the actions that help me learn and help me be the kind of person I want to be. They have really missed out over the years. Shoving me aside, back into the black sheep closet until the next Christmas rolls around.  

But whatever. That wheel in the sky. It keeps turning. 

03 November 2013


Yesterday I learned of the passing of a friend from years past. He had a busy life during his short time here on earth. I am certain he will be very sorely missed by those close to him. We were never best of friends, but drifted in and out of each other's lives regularly. There was never a dull moment with him. 

I can't tell you when we first met. He was just one of those people that just seemed to have always been there. I'm sure it was probably something church related, since we didn't go to the same school. He was a beast. He was a big man, even back then...probably well over 6'5. 

In the later years, after high school, his drumming took him down the path of music. He played with at least one bar band that I know of..."Tyrant" and always reminded me of Animal when he played. Same expression. During those years, when I so wanted to get into fashion, I will never forget making clothes for him. I made him a wicked vest, rocked out with all manner of brass and gold tack things. Cheesy as all hell, but it was befitting of the time. Those were just good times. 

After we drifted apart for the last time, he got into amateur wrestling. I think he was fairly good at it. I don't know anything about that part of his life though. Just amusing that he went from music to pro-ish wrestling. 

After that, apparently, he did a total turnaround and went off in an entirely new and unrelated direction. Religion. I was shocked, just a few years back, when I learned he was now a pastor of a church in the town where we grew up. Him? Religious? Whodda thunk? 

Though I don't agree with many of the things he came to believe in, I completely respect that he did what he felt he needed to do and he clearly had an impact on many people. 

With that in mind, I'll refrain from posting any of the covers he used to play or music we used to listen to back then, as it's not anything I think he would have been listening to in the more recent years. I just hope that wherever he has gone, he's in peace and he truly has found that for which he was looking. 

Rest in Peace, friend.